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First Aid White Cross

More than 700.000 downloads worldwide are the best proof that this app should be preinstalled on every device.

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Ameo App

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Rock climbers, mountain bikers, downhill skiers and extreme sports lovers alike all lead a dangerous life. The App was presented in San Francisco in November.
The „guardian angel“ App for outdoor sportspeople

The idea is simple and yet brilliant. Accidents can happen to people practising outdoor sports, and all their loved ones can do is alert the rescue team only when too much time has passed without any news from them.

The Ameo “guardian angel” App allows outdoor sportspeople to “let themselves be traced” in a totally private manner, obviously only if they are willing and with totally guaranteed data privacy. Once back from their outings, users can delete their digital traces forever. If something happens to them along the way, though, they can be quickly found and rescued thanks to the “digital trail” they left behind.

This App is like a guardian angel for sportspeople, and acts as a tranquilizer for those left home to wait» explains Patrick Ohnewein, Manager of the Free software & Open Technologies Centre at TIS.

The App was developed at a TIS hackathon and won first prize. In fact, the developers of Ameo won the chance to present their product idea in Silicon Valley during the so-called “Elevator Pitches”, i.e. short exchanges with potential investors.


Foppa B2B App

iPad-App for the agents and the clients of Foppa Food Service.

More than 6000 products are constantly updated and the agents can check availability of the products in real-time.

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